White Rock 2004

Festival of Wind, Waves & Water

White Rock, Canada

April 24-25, 2004


This was a wonderful weekend. White Rock is just across the US/Canada border. It is a great destination if you are looking for a weekend trip. For the kiteflier, check the tide table! It can be a challenge to find beach at times. Friendly people, lovely families, good food and hotels, and a great kite club. The British Columbia Kite Association were wonderful hosts.

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Sailboat Regatta Gummi bears at the Sailboat Regatta Gummi Bears Happy children
"Let me touch him!" "What is in there?" Gummi Lookers Early morning banners
assorted kites Elaine Genser's Mountie kite banners Jerry Graham's Della Porta done in the Bargello strip piecing method
Jerry Graham's kite and pillow tail Wiggle Eyed Rudi Grandfather and granddaughter. What could be lovelier? The kite she made at the Children's Kite Workshop. Nice flier!

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