Bob and Charmayne's hints and tricks

 #3:  zig zag stitches

The appearance of your zig zag stitches can look nice or it can look poor and sloppy. Look at the pictures and see!

Stitch slowly and smoothly around curves.  Gradually turn the fabric as you sew.  When the line you are following gets too far off center, stop the machine with your needle down in the fabric on the outside of the curve.  Turn the fabric slightly, realigning the line to the center. This may take several realignments.  Donít make drastic adjustments because your line will look jerky. If the curve is sharp, you may need to realign the fabric every 2-3 stitches.  You want the zigzags to all be even, not tapering. Make your corners sharp and defined by taking a stitch out and back, using the flywheel, not your foot.


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