Parasleds, the Sky Trucks

 The Double Parasled was designed by John Verheiji in 1985. Parasleds are stable kites in a large wind range and can be made in a variety of sizes from a "baby" 1 meter to a monstrous 3 meters. This is height, not width. We like the 2 meter size for it's tremendous lift and ability to fly in a wide wind range. We have three 1- meter and 2 of the 2- meter Parasleds. Several of our German friends have built a 1.5 meter size.  We have only seen two or three 3 meter Parasleds flown by men from the Netherlands, and one in the USA, made and flown by Skip and Jan Herzog. 

Any size is excellent for lifting line laundry. The small ones will hold up an amazing amount of line laundry but are not quite as stable as their larger brothers. We recommend using a drogue with them to dampen out the movement caused by higher winds and gusts . If you make the 2-meter size and fly it with line laundry and in strong wind, fly it with very heavy line and anchor it well. We chased our big one down the beach in Fano last year!  

The Parasled consists of 3 tubes separated by 2 flat panels. 18 pieces total. It is a hard kite to decorate as these panels are deceptively narrow. Check out the links below for pictures for great ideas. The Parasled is a nice looking kite perfectly plain, too. You can let your line laundry decorate the sky and use the Parasled as just the lifter. We call them our sky trucks.

It is a fairly complicated kite to build. But due to the increased popularity of line laundry, one sees more and more Parasleds in the United States. Most of the pictures on the Parasled photo link below were made by German kitemakers and fly in Europe. The Ft. Worden button takes you to see our class kites from Ft. Worden 2001. The students turned out wonderful kites. And several were made by beginning kite makers! The next button is our step-by-step instructions from the Ft. Worden class. Yes, build your own ParaSled! The final button will show you a great tip if you make a 1.5 or 2 meter Parasled and want to keep sets of rods together.

Parasleds we have seen flying in Fano, Denmark. Pictures of the Ft. Worden 2001 student's kites. Our detailed directions for building your own parasled. PDF format. Tip for 2 meter Parasled rods

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