Bob & Charmayne's 1 meter Parasled class


The Parasled is a huge project, whether is is a 1 meter baby or a 1.5 or 2 meter size. We had 12 students brave enough to sign up, show up, stay up, and complete a kite. Participants brought the rectangular panels, some with graphics, some with appliqué, some plain, and one to receive a gorgeous dyed fabric insert later. The kit Bob and I put together contained the other 16 pieces, which formed the 3 tubes, plus all the bits and pieces needed. We are proud of each of the students. It is a large undertaking for a one-day class. Below are their pictures with the kite they made. Click on each to see the larger picture. Georgean's and Dave's kite were flying at Long Beach and I have added that picture. 


eric.jpg (31057 bytes)

Eric Sundblad with one of the 3 light yellow and black kites.

closeup and in flight

Georgean Curran and an intricate Celtic design. See her kite flying.

byparas.jpg (27663 bytes)

The second light yellow and black. Was this planned?

ed.jpg (31810 bytes)

Ed Lindsay's  great grahpics made with 2" wide strips.

with the fabric panels and in flight

Dave Butler. Click to see the dyed fabric inserts Diane made.

karen.jpg (34850 bytes)

Karen Highfield and her beautiful flower garden.

butch.jpg (26010 bytes)

Butch Harviston and one of our favorite color combinations.

kenconrad.jpg (32648 bytes)

Ken Conrad and his blue and yellow uneven stripe design.

hank.jpg (22902 bytes)

Hank Meacham and number 3 light yellow/black.

willsmith.jpg (34397 bytes)

Will Jones. Spots before your eyes!

larry.jpg (31275 bytes)

Larry Hazen. His VERY first kite. Way to go, Larry!

ken.jpg (29625 bytes)

Ken Forslund and his Kokopelli appliqué work.

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