Line Laundry

Line laundry is the stuff hanging from the kite's flying line. Generally speaking it does not qualify as a kite since it can not fly on it's own accord. It does however fill in large pieces of sky with lots of color and design. We first discovered line laundry in Europe in 1996.  We now are traveling with about 50 pounds! New pieces and ideas are always in the works. One can never have enough...



Our corkscrew or Zwirbel (original design by B. Knupfer). Very fast spinner.

These are the Zwirbel and pillows made by Richard Wotton.

A nice revolving red and blue piece. Maker unknown. 

double ring with spikes

Bob's original design: a double ring with interior inflated spikes.
Our chain (original design is from Andrew Bachelor)
Frank Schwieman's Pillows,
available from Gomberg Kite Productions, International

Kaatje Valcke's gorgeous flowers. This picture was taken in 2/2004 at the Festi-Vent sur Glace festival in Montreal, Canada. Click on the thumb to see the other picture showing both flowers.

Purple and yellow line laundry. The X piece.

One of the pieces of our fluorescent yellow and dark purple line. This line is made of up 7 pieces. 4 of them use one basic template in different ways to make very unique tubes. Click to see 3.  Bob's original designs.

Purple and yellow line.

This is the full line of our yellow and purple line laundry. Larger version when clicked.


Madonna bols

Bols are a type of line laundry with many variants. The Madonna or Pickelrader is my favorite and have 96 cones on each wheel! The black and pink ones shown above are the ones Bob and I made.

Torsten's laundry

Dagmar & Torsten's wonderful chain and pillows. Fano 2000


Our green line. 

This is most of our pink and green stuff. Our "worms".


Joel and the bus

up in the air

The models and the results!

One of our biggest line laundry projects so far is the school bus.  We used the neighbor kids as models plus the kindergarten silhouettes of my sons, Anders and Arno, Jr. We finished it just in time for the 1999 AKA convention in Muncie.

We have taught several line laundry classes, starting with the Spiky Ball at Ft. Worden. Crystal Critters at OKR in Oregon, 3-legged spinners at a weekend workshop in  Long Beach, chains at MAKR, Zwirbels and a spiked ball and tube at MKS have been other classes. Once in awhile we get sent pictures of the completed projects. Here are a few:


Paul Keeler's excellent display of his red, white and blue Zwirbel, spiked ball and tube, and a tube.


Cheryl Kear's chain got a padlock at the end. Way to go, Cheryl!  Ed and Maria Charest from Maryland put an anchor on theirs and fly it off their sailboat. Wow!


Jody's chain from our MAKR class in 2002 turned out to be a beauty.



To see more line laundry, go to the Fano 2000 line laundry page.

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