Kites On Ice

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

What a great idea!  Kite flying with friends in the wintertime. Kites On Ice* was Craig Wilson's wonderful inspiration a few years back. He wanted a way to present kiting to his city in a grand manner. His dream came true in "Kites On Ice" and is a huge success from our point of view.  Due to Craig's understanding of kites and kite flyers, backing from many sponsors, a professional management group, plus tons of local support and a very receptive city, an impressive, diverse group of kite flyers are brought together to put on this annual family event. Much to our surprise, Bob and I were included as invited guests for the event's second year in 2000. Since then we have been to Kites On Ice five times. Each year has been wonderful, in big part to the terrific spectators. Our job is always the same and quite easy: dress warmly, fly kites out on the ice, share our hobby with visitors, and have fun. We thank everyone who makes this possible. We truly enjoy Kites On Ice each February.

I decided I needed to organize the pages I have made for Kites On Ice over the years. Below are the links to the five pages. Here are a few of the many pictures. They hopefully will entice you to look at the rest.

*Kites on Ice is a production of Madison Festivals, Inc., a non-profit organization formed to develop, implement, manage, and promote special events in the Greater Madison area and Kites On Ice is sanctioned by the American Kitefliers Association.

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