The Hi-Flier Project
This project started at the Muncie, Indiana American Kitefliers Convention in 1999. Some time previously, Alice Hayden had given us an old Jolly Roger Top Flite kite. You know, the little 1950's diamond paper kites that flew poorly and usually were eaten by trees? Normally, they had a very short life but were so fun if they flew. Back to the Convention, I was trying to get a double set of Mass Ascension Pins (one set for friend Anne Huston) and therefore Bob needed a second diamond kite to fly while I flew my WORLD FAMOUS WONDER BREAD EDDY (not a Hi-Flier replica, just My-Flier). All we had with us was the old paper Jolly Roger. Therefore, up it went. Wow!!! It was wonderful! Bob immediately said we need a larger, ripstop one. The wind was pretty strong for this little kite and it was brittle and fragile. It earned the pin however high the cost. It has been repaired with Scotch tape and is now a very nice display kite in our kite room. And we used it to make it's larger brother.

Since then, our "Hi-Flier" collection now numbers 16 kites. After each addition, we think we have this project complete but over the years it seems to keep growing. One of the more recent additions is Sky Boy. What a complicated replica project he became! I saw a photo on eBay, lost the auction but managed to contact the winner. He traded a copy of the photograph for raffle/auction items for his local kite event. Even having a high resolution scan of the Sky Boy photograph, it was a difficult graphic. I had to enlist the help of Rob Pratt to figure out part of the airplane. Sky Boy was Bob's 2011 Christmas kite. A great success thanks to some mother or father with a camera many years ago, a sharing eBay winner, and Rob. "Copter" was made for Bob for Christmas 2005. In 2004 we made the barn door style kite, Jolly Boy Folding Kite. 2009's addition came after seeing the Alox display at the Kite Museum in Long Beach, Washington. We knew we needed yet another replica and so built the Alox Mickey in September. It was a graphic used on their 3 stick kites as well as the diamond kites. The photo below is of his maiden flight. We did not see the sun that day but click on it to go to the 2009 gallery picture of him in a very nice blue sky. Next to his maiden flight photograph is a composite of the photos we took at the Museum's display.

Many of our replica "Hi-Flier" kites are actual Hi-Flier replicas but some are inspired by Cloud Buster, Top Flite, Northwestern Kite Company, and Alox kites, too. The photos below have larger pictures "behind" them.  Click here or on the button below for the Hi-Flier How-to's and you will see how we make them. And lastly is my composite photo, a panorama of the kites we had flying one day. It included 11 Hi-Fliers, my polka dotted Eddy, a parasled and line laundry plus a bat, a bird, another replica, some Rhombs, and a pear top. A glorious day!

Top Flite Jolly Roger kite Hi-Flier Indian Top Flight Sky Rider kite
The Sundae kite Cloud Buster Clown kite Hi-Flier Strat-O-Flier Rocket kite
Big League kite Cloud Buster kite Sky Master
Popeye the Sailor Man kite Man in the Moon kite Copter
Jolly Boy Folding Kite Mickey Mickey composite
 Sky Boy Original photograph found on eBay Atomic Rocket 


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