Bob and Charmayne's kites

We've been making kites for well over twenty years. I went back through the photo albums for some of those first kites. We are still flying some of them. Others have been retired and a few replaced. Take a look.... Then click on the photograph albums to see our newer kites.  I will add more pictures of our older kites as I get photographs organized and scanned. I have a lot of years to catch up on!
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bamboo sumi

Bamboo and washi


Bamboo and Tyvek boat

monster paper kite

Bamboo and washi

People Flying kites Rokkaku

1 meter Rokkaku

Japanese design on rokkaku

"naked man" Rokkaku

varient and tri-d box

the first box kites

cross tail box

Cross Tail Box

Marconi Jib

Marconi Jib

opticrocket.jpg (14601 bytes)

Optic Rocket II made in 1996

Topsy Turvy Man

Topsy Turvy

Is he up...

Topsy Turvy Lady

Topsy Turvy

...or is she down?

tridbox2.jpg (15717 bytes)

Tri-D box from Peter Lynn. This is

the second one we made, in 1994.

Stained glass Flare kite



Ripstop nylon butterfly, styled after the Chinese butterfly kites.

Mr. Trash Bag Bat

Plastic trash bag Nishi Bat.


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