Uhl kites

Bob's and Charmayne's kites in 2013

The Uhl project

We made 5 little Uhl kites for the Westport Beach Adventure Kite Fly. This has become an annual Sunday kite fly with our daughter-in-law's side of the family plus friends. It happens the weekend of their annual Tour de Westport bike ride, which is 100 miles, rain or shine. The children love the beach: sand, freedom, sand, beach food, sand, kites, waves, you get the picture. We made Hip Pocket Hybrids for them last year. New kite this year? We started thinking about it and finally decided upon the Uhl kite. This is a little German owl designed in 1998 by Brigitt and Hans-Gerd Wirtz. You can find the Uhl's story here.

workshop open!

workshop is open!

owls in production

  Bob made a hard template for me to use. This makes for fast cutting. It is the orange half owl laying on the floor in the photo above.

My green Uhl Mine is the green one. And it has flown often and in many places, including Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota in 2014. We had stopped at this spot for lunch one day, just before we came across a herd of bison. Wow! Flying above Wind Cave Park

Ezra's orange Uhl

Libby's pale pink Uhl

Arno's blue Uhl
Riley's hot pink Uhl And the back of the Uhls... the back

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