2011 kites

Bob's and Charmayne's kites in 2011


Russian Box

A classic Russian Box kite.

Cotton Russian Box Kite

The 1909 Prachov. 

Russian Classic

It's made from cotton fabric and wood spars.

Classic box kite

Another classic kite, cotton fabric and bamboo spars.

  Classic Box Kite

It is called the Vol-Ho and is from 1911.


The  little Pear Top project for Ft. Worden is finished with 3 more designs, total 7 designs. They look great flying as a group or singly. 2 more little peartops One more photo needs to be taken of the last combination of moon/sun designs.

Sky Boy replica kite

Bob's Christmas kite, the SKY BOY replica.

Sky Boy

We consider Sky Boy another in the Hi-Flier replica series even though it was manufactured by the Alox Company. What a great design! 

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