Bob and Charmayne's kites made in 2003

We've been working! Our latest project was a Compound Cody for the 2003 Fano Classic. It flew first at the coast without the top sail. The wind was just barely enough: 10.5-11 mph. It is 1.8 meters front to back and 2.7 meters wing tip to wing tip. The sails are ripstop nylon. What a beauty! I was really thrilled as this was a difficult project. Next we needed to complete it's top sail, before Fano if possible. It was just barely done and it looked great. Will it be OK on the kite though? YES! After getting home, Bob did some alterations to the top sail ands the rigging. We flew it at the Long Beach Cody Fly during the annual festival, in Gerd's honor and memory. 
Baby Octopus

Baby Octopus

Design by Peter Lynn

Plan from "Skywork 3 Experience", Wohlert and Lienau

6l-egged guy

1 meter 6 legged round guy

line laundry

based on a soccer ball, Bob's and my design

Cerf-volant Anémometre

Cerf-volant Anémometre

French Metrological kite

made from cotton and bamboo, Ft. Worden class by Frits Sauve

Russian kite


Russian Box Kite

Plan by Ralf Dietrich, "Kites & friends"

Compound Cody

Cody Compound

Based on Gerd Schaller's article

in the German magazine Sport Und Design Drachen.

In the air, complete!

Cody Compound with top sail

Bob was sent an old picture of the Compound with a topsail.

Click on the center picture below.

The Cody in our garage being rigged. Original Compound with the top sail. The Cody in our garage being rigged.


Donut Guy

The Donut guy!

TSF replica

TSF replica made from ripstop nylon


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