Bob and Charmayne's kites 

made in 2002


Schneemann Leinenschmuck or aka Snowmen line laundry!

Design by Frank Steinert, plan from his web page.


snowman.jpg (16259 bytes)

Our snowmen are about 6 feet tall. A nice size either as a real snowman or one for flying off the kite line!

Popeye the Sailorman

Popeye the Sailorman.

A Hi-Flier replica. He's flown all around the world.

Berlin Flier

Berlin Flyer

Class project we taught at MAKR 2002

  Berlin flyer

In any color, it is an elegant kite.



Made for the 2002 Fano Classic

Our Edo is 3 meters tall, Appliquéd ripstop nylon.

purple and yellow line laundry

Yellow and purple "spine" line laundry.

  smilie guy kite

A soft round smilie face kite. He is about 55 inches in diameter.

Man in the Moon kite

Top Flite replica, another of our Hi-Flier series.

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