2000 gallery of kites

Bob and Charmayne's kites 


Wadsworth Rotators Wadsworth Spinning Boxes or what we call Wadsworth Rotators. A great kite designed by England's Nicolas Wadsworth.
Bat kite. This kite is far different than the little trash bag bat. Big and durable. 

Later he was joined by 2 more.

Bat KiteIn 1991, Manfred Uphoff of Germany used what he found in a kite book to make “der Fledermaus”. We saw it in Fano and needed one! Or a flock! Ralf Dietrich wrote the article for Drachen Magazin, from which we got our plan. We later wrote an article for the AKA magazine KITING, translating and expanding Ralf's.
Indian Hi-Flier kite Jolly Roger Top Flite


The Indian was the second in our Hi-Flier replica series. The Jolly Roger was the first and we built him in May, shortly followed by the Indian Chief. This became a long term and fun project.

This is the Roloplan kite we made this spring to take to Fano. The Roloplan was the Fano Classic kite for 2000. Ours is a 3 x 240.

rolo plan
dot.jpg (17152 bytes)

dot1.jpg (13910 bytes)

 Dot, the Koi. Dot is a real Japanese koi. He lives in our pond with 4 other koi plus three goldfish. Dot, the Koi kite is maybe 2 meters tall and is patterned after a tiny kite by Japanese kite master Nobuhiko Yoshizumi. We used Design Master spray paint to get the decoration on him. We broke all of Scott Hampton's "painting on ripstop rules" but he looks good in the sky anyway! It was just an experiment. Little did we know how well he would fly! We plan on a few of his buddies to be joining Dot in the sky but will be waiting for warmer weather for future painting. Dot went to India with us. Good thing! He is a floater and we surely needed light wind kites in India. We can fly him with a single or 2 point bridle. Update 8/2017. Dot is still flying!

The start of a new line of line junk.

green line laundry chain

Pilot Kite

We thought a Peter Lynn pilot kite might travel well and be another lifting kite. It is a soft kite (no rods) so this gives it some disadvantages if the wind isn't smooth. It will hold up line laundry but not nearly what our 2-meter parasleds can carry. After some slight modifications we have deemed it a success but it is not our first choice for a lifter kite. It is better used as a pilot or helper kite for giant soft kites.


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