FanÝ 2010

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I have to be one of the happiest people when I look back to the days of shooting up all my rolls of film on the second day on FanÝ. Yea for digital cameras and memory cards! I brought home numerous little videos and about 1000 digital photos. Here are some of the ones I liked the best. Yes, blue skies are better for pictures, but then I might miss a great kite! Some of the larger photos behinds the thumbs are a different view or a close-up.
"so these are interesting" Holm Struck checking out the view

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Brazington fan kite
Ceri and Janet Ceri's Rick Brown Welsh Cody
Talking it over... Hmmm... This is the way I see it... And now let me tell you how I see it...
OK, we agree... Flat Stanley on another trip
Replica Jolly Boy 3-stick kite
Replica Alox kite from the 1950's
Robert Brazinton: what else is in the bag? Brazington Catherdral window kite
Interesting cloud layering Ralf enjoying the day Maskerski tetra kite
Rolf Zimmerman soft dragon kite


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