FanÝ 2010

classic kites


This year the Fano Classic theme was antenna lifting kites. The workshop made the little yellow winged box. I made one, too! Ralf Maserski, Holm Struck und Werner LŁhmann offered the German rescue kite, had an extra kit, and talked me into making the kite. It was a good day, too much wind to fly, better spent inside. Ralf's son, Lukas, offered to translate the instructions when the pictures needed help. We ended up working together and finished our kite. And we broke our kite. I think it was decided a higher bridle point was needed in the wind we had on Saturday. Lukas launched, the kite crashed. Not to worry, Holm and Bob replaced the broken spars that evening. A few days later we were again trying it out, trying various things to help the kite fly a bit more stable. After several modifications, Charmayne crashed it. It is back together now and we will try flying again in the USA!

The first picture below was the huge kite used to lift a 10 meter antenna. Did the project succeed? I don't know. The rest of the photos in the first group show many different classic kites. It was a gray, wild wind day. Bob and I enjoyed the hour of the fly but did not bring out our Edmunds, made partially for this event! The one you see below is an original, found in Canada by Christian Kohl. His is bridled differently from the one we copied and flew very well. The difference in bridling allowed the kite to handle much more wind. There were a few broken kites at the end of this day. There was a LOT of wind!

The "Fano Classics" is not the only time you see classic kites and incredible replicas. The second set of photos show some of the MANY we saw this year during our 2 week stay.


Edmunds original kite



Jan Kitts'
Frits Sauve with his Vol Ho
Jan Kitts
Jan Kitts
Jan Kitts
Umbowers Voightlander

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