FanÝ 2010

the bol event


Wow! This was a great evening event. New this year and a huge success from our view point. Another one of those FanÝ beach scenes unfolded and spun out before us, to the side of us, and in back of us. Everywhere you looked there were bols. We counted over 80 and more than likely we missed at least a few. There was a small amount of wind so the bols slowly revolved rather than blurring as they can do. It was a wonderful, wonderful sight. Thank you to those people who took the time and effort to get us all back to the beach.

My first few photos were of an amusing couple of minutes unless you were starring in the drama. Ralf and Lukas are dragging their bol back to the anchor point. Not an easy task given the drag a bol has.




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