FanÝ 2007

June 14, 15, 16 and 17

FanÝ is truly our favorite holiday destination. We like to start our European trips by flying into Hamburg or Frankfurt for a week of sightseeing in Germany.  We love the scenery, the friendly people, the beer, asparagus soup, schnitzel, polite drivers, wonderful comforters. This year we started our touring with the ship lift at Niederfinow, dropping down to Seiffen for replacement tiny angels and a push puppet mission (link to Charmayne's push puppet mania) , seeing everything we could in Meissen before wrapping up the week with bicycling on the isle of FŲhr. Then we stopped at the Real store for brats, beer and miscellaneous groceries and headed for the border and the ferry ride to FanÝ. I took about 700 photos, really being a tourist with a capital T. But no, you won't find them all here! Below are the links for some of our kite pictures.


Classic kites

Classic Kites

kites, kites, kites!

On the beach

people pics

People, friends, sights

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