FanÝ 2002:  Kites and the daily weather

FanÝ, Denmark is always one of our favorite place to be. This page shows some of the kites. Click on this link for the Classic Kite pictures or the button below. Click on this link for bols and line laundry or that button below. 
Robert Brazington brazington's Angel kites
arch Start them young. marconi jib kite
Working for Karl. karl1.jpg (27429 bytes) Karl Dombeck and friend
Snoopy diamond Torsten's cellular kite Wind more wnd box kite Martin's roloplan


mermaid kite
Raymon'd rockets sode.jpg (5822 bytes)

And the daily weather...

Monday evening: perfect for a maiden voyage.

Tuesday:  strange winds and wind shifts.

Wednesday:  great wind with partial clouds.

Thursday: it did decide to rain and we had 10 wet kites.

Friday: perfect for an Edo fly.

Saturday: too windy for most of us.

Sunday: the wind was simply too strong and lots of folks said their good byes.

Monday: great wind for the Cody men and the kite surfers.

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