EDO: the 2002 Fano Classic Kite

The Fano Classic started 4 years ago. The classic kite is decided upon and kite builders and fliers go to work with one goal in mind: bring the "classic" to Fano the following year. So far there have been air plane kites, Tetrahedrons, Rolo Plans, and this year's Edo. Thursday afternoon is the seminar, Friday the mass fly. It is a wonderful sight indeed, to see so many similar kites flying at once. Next year's Classic has been announced and will be Cody kites. 
Scott Skinner speaking at the seminar. Edos in the seminar room. Scott Skinner's paper Edo. Set of Asian designs.
Charlie Brown Edo cartoon design Timely theme! Geisha
Female designs of all kinds are a popular theme. Patrick Nagel design. Bob and Charmayne's Japanese Woodblock print Edo. Certainly another style of female!
Stylized window scene. Intricate dragon Edo. Willie Koch Willie's interesting new design.
Hans Hans' Edo coming soon?

can't find it.

Mountain scene. Really nice. walking in the sky


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