FanÝ 2000:  Parasleds


sub title: trucks in the sky


The Double Parasled was designed by John Verheiji in 1985. Parasleds are stable kites in a large wind range and can be made in a variety of sizes from 1 meter to a monstrous 3 meters. They are excellent lifting kites for line laundry. We like the 2 meter size for tremendous lift and a wide wind range. Most of our German friends build a 1.5 meter size. The baby, a one meter sled, lifts well but likes a drogue in gusty winds and higher winds. The Parasled consists of 3 tubes separated by 2 flat panels. The Parasled is a nice looking kite perfectly plain. It is a lifting platform. BUT! It can be stunning all on its own, too. Here are examples that have been made and fly mostly in Europe. 


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