FanÝ 2000

FanÝ, the International Kite Flyers Meeting. It is hard to put down enough words on paper to describe it. "FanÝ" happens each year on the little island of FanÝ located on the North Sea within the boundaries of Denmark. There is a wide hard-packed stretch of beach, 14 kilometers long on which the kite fliers converge. This is about 8.7 miles. Thousands of fliers come, most from Germany, all with kites, cameras, a willingness to share and help and fly kites with you. There are two weeks of amazing kiting with a very intense 4 days in the middle.  It is our favorite vacation destination. It is Mecca for kite fliers. We see friends, make new ones, see wonderful new kites, old favorites, get new ideas and plans (and give some out, too!), fly kites, relax and simply enjoy FanÝ. A phrase often heard on Fano is "did you see...?" Below is an index to some of our pictures. Most of the pictures are clickable to show you either a larger view or in some cases another picture.

Links to pictures:

To give you a sample of what is on the above pages, here are some of the "sky" pictures we took...


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